Ninne Pelladatha Web Series || Episode - 7 || Arjun Ambati || Viraajitha || Infinitum Media

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"Ninne Pelladatha" is a Telugu Romcom Web Series Featuring Arjun Ambati & Viraajitha Sharma as Leads.

Cast: Arjun Ambati, Viraajitha Sharma, Actor Shiva Prasad, Tejaswi Naidu, Kittaya, Sri Kumari, Uday, Swetha Verma.

Story: Shrija Reddy

Written & Directed by GK

Music: Prashanth Bj

Cinematography: Seshu Raj Daddala, Bhanu Prakash Musumuri.

Editing: Nani Lukka, Manideep

DI: Nani Lukka

Title Animation: Hemanth Korimi

Graphic Designer: Pratheep Chandra

Sound Engineer: Prashanth.T, Mahesh, Venkat

Direction Team: Ram, Aravind, Sai Teja.

Assistant DOP: Prem

Finance Manager: Chandu JC

Line Producer: Anil Chowdhary

Executive Producer: Shrija Reddy

Producer: Vandana Bandaru

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Produced by #Infinitum Network Solutions

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