Nike Air Force 1 Low G-Dragon Peaceminusone Para-Noise 2.0 (UNBOXING/ON-FOOT + RESELLING)

Three Shoe One Shoe Review

Fresh look at the Nike Air Force 1 Low G-Dragon Peaceminusone Para-Noise 2.0 and an in-depth analysis on reselling. In this video, we'll first look at the materials, design, and detailing of the box and shoes. Then following the deep dive into the shoe, we'll show a quick on-foot, so you can get a better understanding on how the shoe looks when worn. Finally (our favorite part), we'll discuss how prediction for how the shoe will resell in the future by comparing the colorway to other colorways, styles of shoes and overall sneaker-head sentiment. Enjoy!

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*Disclaimer: The advice given in this video is strictly what I would do, and not a direct recommendation. I am not your financial advisor, so buy and sell at your own risk tolerance. I am a shoe enthusiast, and have been involved in resell for around 10 years, but I am not legally an expert in wealth management.
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