NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy Overview. November 30, 2022

0:09 Introduction to today’s session.
5:18 Data availability and reproducibility in science.
9:32 What is a Data Management Sharing Plan (DMSP)?
14:45 The third element is standards for the metadata and data.
19:43 What are some new costs that can be included in the budget request?
24:56 Resources from the NIH Working Group on Data Management and Sharing guidance.
31:19 Resources at NUY.
36:21 Will the people who collect the data be acknowledged before they are used by others?
41:36 Will NIH be increasing the amounts of grants to help with the higher costs associated with conducting the research?
46:40 What do you expect if the researcher doesn’t know how many samples they will have? Is an estimate good enough?

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