Nigerian Perspective on Team Building & Project Management (Episode-1/2) @Potential

Mr. OLAYOMI PROMISE ISAAC, Founder, iLEADCONSULT, Nigeria is a Business leadership, Event planning and Management, project Management, corporate and enterprise leadership, Human Resources Management consultant. He was sharing his thought with the knowledge sharing YouTube Channel Developing Bangladesh on Team Building & Project Management.

Mr. Issac was emphasizing upon working together in a team for organizational success. He said every member of the team are important and taken care of by the Team Leader. Everybody should be on board, smart and performing in team spirit. He also mentioned that, Team stands for Together Everybody To Achieve More. A team should have diverse skills of management, finance, marketing, business and communication.

Regarding project management Mr. Issac shared his views as to implement a project successfully every member of the Project Team should know their responsibilities and everyone should be accountable to perform his responsibility in time. He emphasized upon weekly, monthly and quarterly monitoring of progress. He believes in phase by phase implementation of a project.

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