NHS-R Webinar: Statistical Disclosure Control Methods via R for Statistical Publications, June 2022

Statistical Disclosure Control Methods via R for Statistical Publications

Date: Wednesday 15th June, 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

Presenters: Robert Mitchell and Alex Reid from the CHILI team who have developed the code and by Scott Wilson who leads the Statistical Governance/CHILI team.

This webinar aims to pull together some of the theory of statistical disclosure control for safe and useful sharing of information for various statistical outputs.

We will consider the definitions and types of disclosure with a focus on the risks of releasing disclosive data.

We will detail how we can use R to apply control measures in a user-friendly manner, based on simple input commands by the user to various publication outputs including excel files, open data files and dashboards’ input files.

We will aim to finish the session by looking at some worked examples allowing time for discussion.

The webinar will be run by the Public Health Scotland Statistical Governance and CHI Linkage and Indexing (CHILI) team. Combining our technical skills with our governance responsibilities allows us to maximise compliance to standards in a very efficient way.
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