New York City Vlog: Training A School Using Organizational Behavior Management Principles

While on our way to do a seminar on organizational behavior management (OBM) & strolling through the big apple in Manhattan NYC, we discussed how often we must do things in life that we REALLY DONT WANT TO DO. But, we know we should do it, so we discipline ourselves to do it using escape extinction on our own behaviors. That's Discipline!

I'm puzzled by the recent movement, pardon me if I don't understand it fully, where some behavior analysts say we should never implement escape extinction. What are your thoughts on this?

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Brett DiNovi & Associates (BDA) uses behavioral science to inspire the world using positive approaches instead of forcing discipline and coercion.

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Brett DiNovi is the founder & CEO of one of the nation's largest BCBA-owned & family-operated Behavioral Consultation/Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) groups.
Brett Cares Most That People Are Genuinely Happy At Work Which Makes Happiness At Home!

Brett DiNovi & Associates & all subsidiaries deploy consultants across more than 300 schools/organizations using applied behavior analysis (ABA) principles to help people from students with developmental disabilities to coaching leaders of industries worldwide.

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