New year New beginnings | Welcome 2022 | Learning and Development

Professionally 2021 was very successful for me. The year was full of learning and new collaborations.
I would like to thank all my colleagues, mentors, clients, corporate organizations, and partners for believing in me and my training firm.
Collaborated with 7 corporate, 6 academics, and 4 social development organizations. Facilitated more than 450 participants in 33 different training programs.
For 2022, I've planned to initiate a digital learning platform. I am also looking forward to collaborating with corporate organizations for creative L&D programs.
Wish you all a very happy new year. Remember me and my family in your prayers.

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Murtaza is a Certified Leadership Coach, Soft Skills Trainer & Consultant by profession & passion. He loves to Design, Develop and Deliver training for corporate & academic clients. Murtaza is known for his unique style of delivering training. He loves being practical when it comes to bringing change in either an individual’s life or an organization’s strategy. Murtaza passionately works on learning interventions covering leadership and management development, effective communication, team building, customer services & sales, personal branding, conflict management & problem solving, stress management, emotional intelligence, and community engagement. He is best when it comes to developing content in any of the above-mentioned training areas. Murtaza has previously worked with many corporate and academic clients in Pakistan, UAE, and Egypt.


On the academic side, Murtaza has vast experience teaching leadership courses to under/postgraduate students at different universities in Karachi.
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