NEW VR Magnetic Cable Management System: DANGLERS

Today we're testing a BRAND NEW Magnetic Cable Management system! Business Company VR DANGLERS, trying something new which I like to see. Rough around the edges though.
This system if you want to learn more:
Other Systems I Like:
VR Wire II:
Kiwi Pro:

0:00 Intro
0:24 Unboxing
0:46 The Parts
1:20 GHOST???
1:42 Broken?
2:00 Bill Nye WANNABE
2:36 Install
3:25 Find the Cable Path
3:50 Cable Horn Installation
4:05 CAT
4:30 Loose Cable Horn
5:20 My Cables Too Short
5:39 Extension Cables Necessary
6:20 How To Attach the Pulley
6:53 The BEST Part
7:15 Close Up Cons
7:40 Low Profile like it's 'pose' to be
8:47 Outro

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My Setup:
Gaming Desk:
Unboxing Table:
PC Case:
PC i7-8700 @4.29 Ghz Boost
ASRock Mobo
32 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz PNY RAM
RTX 2070
PCCooler Fans/CPU Cooler
Thermaltake PSU & Case
Asiahorse White PC Cable Extensions

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