In Episode 195 of Mike Finnegan's Garage, I show you how to mod your welding cart to keep those must-have tools from falling on the floor. Thanks to Miller Welders for providing me with a new tool that will make my wife happy; a Miller Welders fume extractor! This baby inhales the smoke from cutting, welding and grinding in my basement garage so that my wife doesn't have to smell it anymore. She doesn't know it, but she just go an early mother's day present!

This episode also features a visit from Andy Weyenberg from Miller Welders Real Garage and he gave us tons of useful tips, which you can use for setting up and using the machines in your garage. Best of all, Andy showed us how to build a new top for our welder cart to hold all of the the tools and you can copy this top at home. Check it out!

link to in-depth guide to building the welder cart tray:

link to the Miller Welders fume extractor:
FILTAIR® 130 Portable Fume Extractor-!/?product-options-title=filtair-130-portable-fume-extractor-300595

link to the Miller Multimatic® 220 AC/DC:

link to the Dynasty 400:
Dynasty® 400- YouTube

And if you'd like to help support this channel and not be naked when outside the house you can pick up our new shirts, hats, hoodies and stickers here:


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