New Leader Crash Course - learn Project Management

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New Leader Crash Course - learn Project Management
Best Project Management Course
If you’re just starting out in a leadership position, tackle your first steps to becoming a stand-out leader.
Extend your business influence,Grow your network,Apply adaptive techniques to estimate the work, prioritize & track, resolve issues & handle change with ease,Use LLAMA to get inspired, define your goal, form your team & identify boundaries,Improve your self-discipline & time management,Lead successful & productive virtual meetings
You will need Adobe Acrobat to download PDFs,You will need internet access. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari are preferred browsers to open links to interactive lessons,Take your current skills to the next level by becoming a team leader. This course bundle will build your influence & credibility, regardless of your position, so that you can act with integrity & deliver performance that people can trust. Learn how to manage change & what goes into making a schedule, take advantage of proven time management techniques, such as setting SMART goals, & jump into working with virtual teams.,Course 1: Manage Your Career\nMaster the steps you need to plan your career & turn your work goals into reality.,• Examine Your Career History\n• Map Out Your Needs & Explore Your Options\n• Grow Your Network & Prepare for Change,Course 2: Build Upwards Relationships\nTap into the expertise of Cory Bouck to extend your influence & cultivate credibility in your organization.,• Define & Accept Followership\n• Deliver on Promises\n• Speak Up with Respect,Course 3: Deliver Your Project\nTake your project management skills to the next level, master the basics & keep everything on track.,• Define the Goal\n• Build the Team\n• Define Boundaries,Course 4: Master Project Management\nIn this course you'll learn to create a rich team ecosystem & hit moving targets through iterative project management practices.,• Estimate the Work\n• Prioritize, Assign, Track\n• Handle Change with Ease,Course 5: Make Meetings Work\nMeetings matter. Learn how to lead & plan them.,• Invite the Right People\n• Plan & Use an Agenda\n• Achieve Your Meeting Objectives,Course 6: Tackle Time Management Troubles\nActivate your self-discipline for better time management.,• Identify Your Starting Point\n• Overcome Your Procrastination\n• Multiply Your Time With Tools & Smart Management,Course 7: Form Your Virtual Team\nEstablish your virtual team and set communication and environmental standards.,• Bridge the Cultural & Physical Gap\n• Understand Your Team’s Perspectives\n• Foster Trust & Set Up For Success,Course 8: Lead Your Virtual Team\nYour virtual team is ready to go. Find out what it takes to keep them on task and get the project done.,• Lead Virtual Meetings\n• Resolve Conflict Across Distances\n• Coach Your Team to Success,Now with enhanced mobile access, this eight course bundle includes dynamic video, tips from industry leaders, & downloadable PDFs. Each component is designed to be completed in short time allotments, or all at once, to suit your schedule. It will take approximately 2 hours to complete this course.,Begin your journey as a team leader with these important lessons from Eleventure.,,Anyone seeking to extend their business influenceCurrent team leaders & managersNew & experienced managers who are forming & leading their first virtual teamThis bundle offers a companion piece to your project management regardless of the approach you're currently using,Anyone seeking to extend their business influence,Current team leaders & managers,New & experienced managers who are forming & leading their first virtual team,This bundle offers a companion piece to your project management regardless of the approach you're currently using
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