New Labour Code's Impact on Industries: Everything you need to know?

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How to be Future Ready HR professionals?

Labour Laws have many obligations to industries and employers. How to maintain and ensure complete statutory compliance in your establishment. You need to learn specialized skills for that.
In this video class, we have discussed four formulas to labour law compliance management portfolio for professionals.
We are happy to share this information with you that “SBR Learning Studio” has added one new feather to their mission to skyrocket the career growth of our GLL Champions.

We feel proud to share with you that on August 1st, 2021, we have launched an online weekend Specialist Master Program in Labour Law Compliance Management to master the learning of LLC aspirants as “30 DAYS MASTERY IN LABOUR LAW COMPLIANCE ONLINE”

The Labour Law Compliance Master Program features are as below:
 It is a 30 days Labour Law Compliance specialist program.
 Its aim is to make Compliance Leaders more Vigilant, more Foresighted, more accountable, and more Knowledgeable for sustainable career growth as an “LLC Specialist”.
 It includes 30 live sessions with more practical activity-based learning. Provide a significant learning experience for the participants.
 It provides lifetime access to the video lessons to participants learn during live sessions.
 After completion of the weekend, the live master program participants will live to interact with the trainer/instructor twice a month for their queries and latest insights related to Labour Laws updates.
 Participant also gets personal custody of the live templates developed during live sessions with live time digital access.
It will award  Participants a Completion Certificate on completion of the Specialist program.
 The online Specialist Master Program covers 30+ existing labour laws and additionally the 4 New Labour Codes.
 It provides a 2 hours intensive live practical learning with an extended 30 minute Q&A session related to the day session.
 The Live session starts on 14th August 2021, Saturday. I will conduct the live sessions every Saturday & Sunday from 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm with ease for participants.
 For participant interaction and community building a private Facebook Group, Telegram Channel & WhatsApp Group
I hope, you find this special program most close to your requirements to improve/upgrade your Labour Law Compliance Management Skills to the Specialist Level.

For details and course curriculum, go through the attached Course Profile.

As this program is a Specialist Master Program on Labour Law Compliance and incurred an enormous cost for us to develop this program to a real practical sense based actual & real practices happen in the Organizations. For considering the entire cost factor, we have kept an exorbitant amount of pricing for this master program. Because of the practical learning, you will get this Specialist Master Program can’t find anywhere for any cost.

But keeping in view, our commitment and our mission to provide a great learning experience to our associates. We are offering a win-win pricing offer to especially our GLL Champions. Who has already paid some amount to us?

That’s why we are offering a special offer price to you through this email.

The Special offer Price only for our GLL Champions is Rs. 2999/- only.

You can pay this enrollment price through the below option
1. Our Secure Payout Partner Platform:-
2. Paytm Direct:- 9716312436
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The Pay U money (Special Payout link) is valid for payout

Thanks for taking the very first step towards becoming an LLC Specialist with SBR Learning Studio.
Details of the Courses are here:
1. Labour law Compliance Specialist:

2. HR Generalist Certificate Program:

Congratulate you in the advance for becoming the
Labour Law Compliance Specialist with the Mastery program of SBR Learning Studios.

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In case of any difficulties, write to us at email at: [email protected]

We really appreciate your dedication to learning and up-skill yourself with new skills

Here enclosed the Program Profile & Course Curriculum for your reference

We are looking forward to Every GLL Champions Participation/Enrollment in Labour Law Compliance Specialist Master Program.

Thanks & Regards
Team SBR Learning Studio
Dedicated to advancing your learning experience.
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