New Home Server Rack Cable Management - New Patch panel and cabling!

One of my year-end projects for the home lab server rack has been cleaning up some cabling, introducing a patch panel, and rerouting some cabling. This video shows the time lapsed footage of this process and the end results of the project for now. I hope you guys enjoy!

Introduction to new cable management project for the home lab - 0:00
No patch panel or other cable management - 0:28
Phased approach to cleaning up the server rack - 0:30
Repositioning network equipment - 0:58
Introducing the time lapse video 1, repositioning network equipment - 1:47
Removing another Panduit unit and dropping down some of the network equipment - 2:40
Lowering the 10 gig switch and moving other equipment up - 3:25
Going over next steps in phase two of cleaning up the server rack - 3:57
Looking at the new patch panel with built-in keystones - 4:45
No punchdowns requireed - 5:25
10 gig rating on the patch panel - 5:30
Looking at the Panduit cable management for Twinax - 6:30
Discussing the plan for Twinax cable management - 7:40
Talking about the plan with the patch panel - 8:00
Looking at tension bar on the back of the patch panel - 8:12
Installing the new patch panel in the server rack - 9:12
Installing in the slim run patch cables - 9:27
Working on the side of the rack bundling up the cable on the side - 10:00
Looking at the end result - 10:35
Concluding thoughts on the cable management project for the home lab server rack - 11:59

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