New Hardcover Style from Amazon - Just in time for Christmas!

Until today no matter your point of purchase, the hardcover version of Spitting Image consisted of a glossy solid green cover with title and author imprinted on the spine and covered with a glossy dust jacket. Today a new hardcover version is available only from Amazon. The artwork is imprinted directly on the hardcover eliminating the dust jacket altogether. If you prefer the dust jacket, it is still available through your local independent and chain booksellers and other online distributors. If you order the hardcover from Amazon, however, you will get the case laminate without the dust jacket. Both styles are very high quality, and I am sure you'll be pleased with either. It really is a matter of personal preference and price. Dust jacket style is $24.95 available everywhere except Amazon. Case laminate is $21.95 available only on Amazon. Paperback is $16.95 and virtually the same now matter where it is purchased. Thank you for your continued support. Please share with friends, family and be sure to add any of these to your Christmas shopping list. They make great gifts that will be appreciated and treasured for years to come.
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