New Forms of Education. Ep. #23: What New forms of Education are emerging?

The pandemic gave us a chance to reflect on our education obsolete processes and methodologies: Based on our Industrial Revolution, our current system focuses on IQ in a one-size-fits-all model to “produce citizens ready to take part in employment processes that are destructive to the environment we live within” as Nora Bateson shared during our Episode #23.

As a result, many people feel an urgency to find alternative models. We are witnessing across the world a number of education initiatives from individuals, teachers and parents to collectivities in cities and states. This diversity of initiatives is essential to create critical thinking and brings momentum through a snowball effect that is revolutionizing our education system.

Today, we’ll have a discussion with several founders of new educational initiatives and, in an unscripted discussion, our small group will attempt to address the following questions:
1. What is essential to learn in life?
2. What behaviors do we learn at school traditionally aside from academic content?
3. How do your school or/and program support the essential learning in life and better suit students for the needs of our planet?

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