New Epstein documents REVEAL meetings with top Obama officials | Redacted with Clayton Morris

After Jeffrey Epstein pled guilty and served prison time for abusing young girls, some as young as 14, wealthy and powerful people allegedly met and traveled with him and sought him out on topics ranging from geopolitics, neuroscience, law, love and classical music. What a versatile dude.

[The Wall Street Journal obtained](https://www.wsj.com/articles/jeffrey-epstein-calendar-cia-director-goldman-sachs-noam-chomsky-c9f6a3ff?mod=e2tw) Epstein’s calendars and analyzed the years after his 2008 conviction. They found that Epstein met with people whose names never appeared in any previous documents including academic Noam Chomsky, former Obama White House lawyer Kathryn Ruemmler and current CIA director William Burns who was deputy secretary of state at the time.

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