New Campaign song for Pro. Wario_Raba Gatha Teen dansa by Mwalimu Shoba Korme

New Campaign song tune for Prof. Wario Guyo. The song entitled Raba Gatha Teen dansa was sung by Mwalimu Shoba Korme in praise of Prof Wario. The song aimed ro entertain the die hard supporters of Prof Wario during campaign period to capture attention of others.
Watch, listen and enjoy the tunes. Stay tuned for more. Thank you.

Join His Excellency Hon. Prof. Wario Guyo Wako in his quest for a viable, development encompassing and people centred leadership of marsabit county come 2022 Inshaalah. H. E Hon. Prof. Wario guyo is to provide an alternative leadership in a bid to pay back to our marsabit people and fix challenges of poor leadership and economic marginalisation our people are faced with for nearly a decade since the inception of devolution in Kenya.

Wario Guyo, Jkuat Professor of governance and management was born and raised up in Butiye village in Moyale and attended both primary and secondary schools in moyale. He rised from a village commoner to a distinguished international professional having worked with world bank in restructuring 5 governments around Africa. He has wealth of experience in both public and private sector organizations having managed various high level consultancy assignments. He is rated as one of a prominent African scholars in the field of governance, HR and knowledge management. Back home, the young Professor is just a commoner on the street with friends and agemates.

#Thaab nuuthitha
#governor baliti nuufila.

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