New Agile Leadership Skills For A Changing World

The New Leadership Skills for a Changing World

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In this episode of the Badass Agile podcast, host Chris Williams discusses the new skills required for modern leaders in the ever-changing economy. The pandemic and rapid technological advancements have shown us that the old ways of leading no longer apply. Adaptability and understanding your team’s needs and values are essential in this new landscape.

Key takeaways:

1 Connection – Learn to make people feel seen, heard, and valued by connecting with them on a deeper level.
2 Understand values – Watch your team closely to understand their values and what motivates them. This will help you create a more fulfilling work environment.
3 Build agreements – Once you understand your team’s values, you can create agreements that stick and are based on what they want and need.
4 Emotional intelligence – Work on understanding yourself and mastering your emotions to become a more authentic and effective leader.
5 Deliver value – Focus on delivering value quickly and efficiently, so your team can have a better work-life balance.
6 Develop a creative practice – Immerse yourself in your clients’ or customers’ world and constantly ideate potential solutions to their problems.
7 Commitment and focus – Learn to stay committed to your goals, avoid distractions, and remain focused on delivering results.


Modern leadership requires a shift from traditional management styles to more empathetic and understanding approaches. By connecting with your team, understanding their values, and delivering value consistently, you can create a more fulfilling work environment and achieve greater success. Adapt to the changing world and avoid becoming a dinosaur by embracing these new leadership skills.

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