NetView ECOM, HBS Systems, Equipment Dealership Management Software, ERP

HBS Systems NetView ECOM provides your equipment dealership team with the only e-commerce solution you’ll need to monitor and process your sales orders from multiple OEMs and channels, including NetView DealerNow. The benefits equipment dealers can expect:

• Capture online sales and increase profitability.
• Monitor status of orders at a glance.
• Review and accept orders with ease.
• Instantly review and update shipping method and quantity totals.
• Strengthen customer satisfaction with streamlined ordering managed in one location within NetView ECO.
• Manage from one customizable screen through NetView ECOM, accessible from anywhere on any device.

“We’re constantly innovating to increase our dealer's efficiency and profitability. Providing solutions that connect our dealers with their customers to strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty is another example of partnering with our customers,” said HBS Systems President and CEO, Chad Stone. “Our development team’s goal over the more than 35 years has always been to deliver more technology and benefits to our customers than expected.”

HBS Systems prides itself in providing advanced technology today that positions your dealership for the future. To learn how NetView ECOM can streamline your online sales, increase efficiency, maximize profitability and strengthen customer loyalty for your equipment dealership, call 800-376-6376, or email [email protected]
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