NetIQ Identity Governance (IG) 3.6 Release Highlights

We share the Top 5 Features from NetIQ Identity Governance (IG) 3.6 release.

1. Identity Governance Limited
2. Application Collector Enhancements [1:45]
- Multiple applications
- Custom Attributes
3. Governance Insights Enhancements [4:50]
4. Enhanced Download Capabilities [6:59]
5. Database Maintenance Enhancements [9:07]

NetIQ Identity Governance enables administrators and managers to easily collect relevant user and access information in a central location and certify that users have only the level of access that they need to do their jobs. Following the principle of least privilege, this product helps the business ensure that users have focused access to only the applications and resources they need, while quickly identifying and revoking access to resources users should not have. Identity Governance capabilities include access request and approval, access review and certification, business role management, role mining and analytics, risk scoring, audit control support, and compliance reporting.

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NetIQ Identity and Access Management provides comprehensive workforce and customer identity solutions to enterprise scale organizations – leveraging Identity to provide secure access, effective governance, scalable automation, actionable analysis and insight across their Cloud, Mobile, & Data platforms.

NetIQ is part of CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business.

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