NetIQ AD Bridge - Zero Trust NIST Compliance for Linux resources

NetIQ AD Bridge helps support your zero trust strategy for your Linux, Mac, and Windows machines and keep you in compliance with NIST and other regulatory mandates.

To help security administrators know which policies must be implemented for NIST compliance, DISA created a security technical implementation guide (STIG).

However, it's been very difficult and intensive for security administrators to convert, apply, enforce, and audit those NIST policies across the enterprise. AD Bridge makes it easy to map the NIST settings automatically, apply them to the machines whether they are on premise or in the cloud, any cloud. If there is any attempt to alter the required NIST settings, even by root, the settings will be immediately reapplied and an alert will be generated indicating a policy violation that can be forwarded to your SIEM.

NetIQ AD Bridge enables you to leverage your existing investment in Active Directory to consistently manage and secure your on-premises and cloud-based Linux resources. Extending familiar and effective Active Directory controls and policies to Linux enables you to unify your environment and drive consistency to support governance and compliance.

Learn more about NetIQ AD Bridge: https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/cyberres/identity-access-management/ad-bridge

NetIQ Identity and Access Management provides comprehensive workforce and customer identity solutions to enterprise scale organizations – leveraging Identity to provide secure access, effective governance, scalable automation, actionable analysis and insight across their Cloud, Mobile, & Data platforms.

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