Neighborhood Credit Union | How To: Card Management | MyNCU Mobile App

Manage your Neighborhood Credit Union cards from anywhere with the MyNCU Mobile app

First, log into your account.

Once you are logged in, select “more” in the bottom navigation menu.

Select the “Card Management” icon at the top right.

Once in card management, you can turn your card off with just a tap.

Set Alert and Controls for your card, for all, preferred or blocked transactions, Merchant Type, Transaction type, location type, and spend limits.

Update your card delivery options in a flash.

Lost your card? No need to stress, you can report your card lost or stolen in Card Management.

You can also cancel your card if you no longer wish to use it, but please keep in mind that once your card has been canceled it cannot be undone.

Finally, you can change the nickname of your card within Card Management.

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