Nehru’s 97 Major Blunders | Manasi Puranik & Manini Puranik | #SangamTalks

But for a series of major blunders by Nehru, India would have been on the path to becoming a first-world country by the 1980s, provided his dynasty had not followed him to power.
The talk is based on the book by Lt. Sh. Rajnikant Puranik that chronicles historical facts, that have been glossed over and must be known, lest the mistakes are repeated.

Manasi Puranik is an Engineer with 19 years of experience in Enterprise ERP.
Director, Product Management in a Tech Company.

Manini Puranik is an Engineer with 17 years of experience in Enterprise Tech.
Founder and CEO of a Tech Company.

'Nehru's 97 Major Blunders' by Rajnikant Puranik

0:00 Power statement: Nehhru’s stance on Tibet was a mistake
3:29 Nehru’s undemocratic elevation to PM office
8:31 Nehru’s blunders regarding Jinnah
13:54 Cabinet mission
19:43 Economic blunders of Nehru
23:43 Planning commission
24:42 Throttled Industrialization
31:39 Nehru’s blunders regarding Tibet
42:48 1962 war
50:57 B.K. Krishnamenon’s role
53:01 Nehru’s communist links
56:00 Wrong stance about Tibet
57:13 No ‘bhai-bhai- for Tibet from Nehru

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