Neftalk X GIZ on Climate-smart Governance at the Sub-national Level | Sudurpaschim Province

Climate-smart Governance at the Sub-national Level - How can municipalities and provinces help firms and farms to cope with climate change impacts?

2 February 2023; Hotel Devotee, Dhangadhi

Climate change governance requires governments to take an active role in bringing about shifts in interest perceptions of society in favor of deploying an active climate change mitigation and adaptation policy. Moreover, ensuring the participation of all stakeholders in the decision-making process is key to enhancing ownership and ensuring strong commitments to the sustainable management of landscapes and the uptake of climate-smart agriculture. Given Nepal’s federated structure, the subnational governments, and more so, the local governments are directly in touch with the primary actors (firms and farms) and can facilitate the implementation of climate-smart governance at the grass-root level. Thus, this session will explore ways in which municipalities and provinces can facilitate climate-smart governance at the subnational level and help farms and firms cope with climate change impacts. This session will take place in Sudurpaschim Province.

- Bhawa Raj Regmi, Founder and Executive Director, NEEDS Nepal
- Dinesh Chandra Joshi, Executive Director, Local Action for Global Health and Environment Training and Research Centre
- Mamta Rawal, Programme Coordinator, BAFER Nepal
- Durga Datta Ojha, Chairperson, Jorayal Rural Municipality

Closing Remarks:
· Dr. Madan Singh Dhami, Secretary, Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives (MoLMAC), Sudurpashcim Province.

Moderator: Sujeev Shakya, Chair, NEF
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