Neblio: A Community Governed Decentralized Blockchain Platform

With the first on-chain vote scheduled, let's take a #NeblioU deep dive into two new community governance features, #Neblio Improvement Proposals & Neblio Block Voting.

Since the #Neblio network went live, stakers (node operators) have played a part in helping to validate transactions & secure the network via #Staking. We have now introduced a new governance mechanism which allows the Neblio community to help shape the roadmap for 2022 & beyond!

Neblio Improvement Proposals (NIPs) can be submitted by community members, software developers, partners, & companies using Neblio. NIPs can be anything from core feature upgrades, promotional campaign ideas, token protocol changes etc.

Once a proposal has been submitted, an open discussion takes place between interested parties & stakeholders. Involvement in this process, can lead to features being built which could benefit end-users, developers & enterprises using our platform.

If a proposal is found to be potentially workable, it will be marked as approved & a block vote is scheduled, starting at a particular block number & ending at another one. Each vote will be coded, for example NIP8 which can be viewed in the explorer.

Once voting is underway, #stakers can use their wallets to cast their votes, voting yes or no if they are in favor or against a proposal. All stakers are strongly encouraged to participate in the process. A successful vote will be added to this roadmap.

As part of our efforts to add a greater level of decentralization to the governance of the Neblio network, we hope that all in our community will now play a more active role in helping to build & run the platform. First vote is scheduled to begin soon!

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Learn more about Neblio and how our suite of technology, services, and consulting can benefit your business at

Get started with Neblio application development by checking out Neblio University

Neblio compatible third party middleware and software frameworks

Production Line Framework
Neblio based software framework for production line management in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Virtual Economy Framework
Software framework for easier integration of the Neblio blockchain into apps and services as part of the IoT and internet economy.

Node.js wrapper API
A Node.js wrapper API for interacting with a Neblio wallet/daemon and safely exposing RPC calls as endpoints.

Neblio Tachyon scaling and performance overview

Neblio One click metadata


Cold Staking

Enterprise Data Management


About Neblio
Neblio is an Enterprise Blockchain Platform focussed on simplifying blockchain technology for business. Neblio’s lightning fast & scalable blockchain, APIs, NTP1 Token Protocol, and unique services offerings allow clients to easily and quickly utilize blockchain and distributed ledger technology to radically improve efficiency, reduce go-to-market time, and dominate their competition.

Learn about Neblio at the Neblio website or join the community on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.


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