Neblio: A Blockchain Powered Data Management & Supply Chain Powerhouse

Over the past few years, we have observed various implementations of blockchain based enterprise data management features developed on other platforms. We have sought to improve upon existing solutions & have in place a data management protocol that is actually fit for purpose.

While rival solutions can work for certain use cases, most fall short when it comes to handling & securing sensitive enterprise data. A data management system of a company is a mission critical component, in that a breach or failure can have catastrophic consequences.

We are beginning to see the adoption of blockchain based systems in the world of business and commerce, record keeping, digital identity management, supply chain transparency, other industry specific use cases.

A wide distribution of active nodes helps to secure the network. The implementation of a single token protocol (NTP1) which can carry value as well as data, can be fungible or non fungible at the point of creation without any additional coding.

Developers writing smart contract code for the creation of enterprise applications, having little experience with that language or lack of external auditing, could leave these apps and services open to attacks due to poorly written & audited code.

A key and crucial security feature of the #Neblio platform, is non execution of #SmartContract code by nodes, because a vulnerability in the codebase, could lead to an attack (as happened in the #Ethereum DAO hack). An event like this would be seriously damaging to a company.

#Neblio also has metadata encryption as an enterprise focused feature, which can shield sensitive on-chain data from third parties, making it readable only by sender and recipient, ideal in a intra-organisation or company to client setup.

Learn more about how Neblio's best in class solutions with easy single click encryption, fast network performance, easy token creation & solid security features, combine to legitimize blockchain based data management in real world use case scenarios.


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Neblio compatible third party middleware and software frameworks

Production Line Framework
Neblio based software framework for production line management in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Virtual Economy Framework
Software framework for easier integration of the Neblio blockchain into apps and services as part of the IoT and internet economy.

Node.js wrapper API
A Node.js wrapper API for interacting with a Neblio wallet/daemon and safely exposing RPC calls as endpoints.

Neblio Tachyon scaling and performance overview

Neblio One click metadata


Cold Staking

Enterprise Data Management


About Neblio
Neblio is an Enterprise Blockchain Platform focussed on simplifying blockchain technology for business. Neblio’s lightning fast & scalable blockchain, APIs, NTP1 Token Protocol, and unique services offerings allow clients to easily and quickly utilize blockchain and distributed ledger technology to radically improve efficiency, reduce go-to-market time, and dominate their competition.

Learn about Neblio at the Neblio website or join the community on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.


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