Navigating Change and Managing Mental Health

For many people, the unknowns of what’s coming next can worry even the calmest of people. COVID-19 has forced families to deal with long periods of uncertainty, and that can cause other stressors to emerge—concern for family members, worries about lost income, keeping the fridge full of groceries, balancing job roles with childcare, and more. But children need their parents to offer a calm, stable, and predictable “home base” for them. It’s a challenge, but our goal is to help families face these tests armed with knowledge and tools to remain strong and healthy. Registered Psychologies Tammy Auten Dye with Auten-Dye Psychological Group has prepared a presentation “Navigating Change and Managing Mental Health and Anxiety During a Pandemic as a Family” that we hope you will find both beneficial and informative.
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