NAB2022 Presentation - Advanced grading with Ai using Final Cut Pro

Finally, we have some good news for professional users of Final Cut Pro who are ready to take their color to the next level and start creating professional-looking grades a fraction of the time, with no conform and while staying in FCP and while utilizing the world's most advanced Ai color matching engine. Colourlab Ai and FCP integration has arrived, and now pro color results are possible with no pro colorist skills.
Join us for the recording of this presentation that Dado just did on NAB 2022. In this presentation, you will see the entire workflow from grading dailies t grading the final master and developing a dozen of key looks using no traditional color grading tools but simply relying on new tools developed by Colourlab.
This workflow is going to change everything.

00:00 - 01:06 Advanced Color Grading with Ai in Final Cut Pro
01:07 - 02:42 Welcome and Introduction
02:43 - 05:19 Advanced Workflow
05:20 - 08:29 Color Managed
08:30 - 10:02 The Challenge
10:03 - 12:35 Brief Description of the Short Film "Kepler 138"
12:36 - 14:23 Workflow and Interaction Between FCP Pro and Colourlab Ai 2
14:24 - 34:37 Live Grading Session of “Kepler 138” Short Movie
34:38 - 36:49 Push the Grading Back to FCP Pro
36:50 - 37:29 Grade Your Next Project using Colourlab Ai 2
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