My Strategy and Steps I Took to Get Into UCLA (Student Sharing Session)

Among Class of 2023 applicants who sported a 4.39 or better GPA, just 36% were admitted! Those that took 22 or more honors/AP classes in high school found success just 27% of the time! Now that UCLA boasts a similar acceptance rate to the likes of Georgetown and Carnegie Mellon and is even more selective than Berkeley, this begs the question, “What is the secret to getting in!?”
For this webinar, we invited Jenny to share her experience and the strategies and steps she took to get admitted to UCLA! You’ll also discover the UCLA acceptance rate and admissions requirements to improve your odds of getting accepted!

- Which extracurricular activities and courses will make me stand out for -college applications?
- What does the college application process look like?
- What are the benefits of interdisciplinary studies?
- How should I prepare myself for college life?

Speaker: Jenny
- Carlmont High School Alumni
- Valedictorian of her high school class
- Freshman at UCLA, Human Biology and Society major.

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