My salary jumped from 10,000 to 5L per month after I learned these skills | How to grow your salary

►I teach frameworks and business analysis on this course (Co-taught with Luis Fonseca, McKinsey, Portugal):
►I talk about in-depth macroeconomics correlated to stock market movement on YouTube member community here:
►Many of you have asked me for resources on US Stock Investing, Seeking Alpha is a great platform for research that I use:
Before getting into the business world, I was a management consultant at Dalberg.

Through hard work and grit, I was luckily able to make a good living from my ventures.
But had I not quit the corporate world, I still would have made decent money. - that's the reality of high-paying jobs.

In this video, I explain 11 key skills that you need to ace to make it big at your job. Watch it till the end to understand thoroughly. :)
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