My favorite Macbook Pro Accessories and Apps! ( What's on my Mac )

Enjoy some of my fave tech accessories & apps for the Macbook Pro!
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(some links below are affiliate links)
Mosiso Laptop sleeve:
Rainyear Laptop sleeve:
Crucial X8 SSD:
Samsung T7 SSD:
LG Ergo Displays:
LG Glossy Ultrafine:
Logitech MX Master 3:
Logitech 2s Anywhere (smaller mouse):
Sony headphones:
PEACHY MERCH! for your airpods and apple watches :) -
Alt tab -
Magnet app for mac -
Things -

0:00 Fave accessories: Laptop cases, SSDs, Headphones, Mice & More
15:04 Fave apps! Alt tab, Magnet and Things 3 To-do app
17:19 Things To Do App Walk Thru
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