My 5 Days SSB Experience at Jalandhar | NDA & TES SSB Interview Experience of Selected Candidates

Meet proud Centurion Mrityunjai who has cracked SSB-TES 10+2 (selection centre, North Jalandhar). In this video he shares his five days of SSB experience and also talks about what inspired him to make his career in defence and how he strategized his preparation at Centurion so as to achieve his dreams. Tune in and watch the full video as Mrityunjai shares his 5 day SSB experience. He says that success lies in sticking to schedules and working hard enough to give your best shot even to your very first attempt because there is nothing which is impossible to achieve. Preparing for SSB needs your time management skills to be great, that is one code you need to crack. And here managing your time becomes easier with the guidance of the mentors at the Centurion Defence Academy. Time management, according to Mrityunjai is the key factor of his success during the 5 days of SSB. Centurion classes provide a holistic preparation for SSB aspirants, if you attend all the classes it will help you so much that you will not need anything else after that. Watch this complete video to know more about his SSB journey and how he worked towards his goals.
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