Must-Have Skills to Include in your Resume

Are you applying for a job? Yet, you noticed that you do not get a call back from the recruiters or your application seemed to be rejected more than accepted by the company you are applying for.

A possible reason could be the way your resume is written can be improved.

Watch this video to find out about the "Must-Have Skills to Include in your Resume" that will help you successfully apply & get noticed by recruiters.

After watching the video vlogs of "Jamey Iris Empowers - Training & Career Channel 4U", it aims that you will be:
- Inspired2Succeed
- be empowered and equipped to improve professionally
- apply successfully and get hired for the job applied for
- advance in your career or profession

This channel is also helpful for teams working in a diverse or multicultural company to successfully achieve and deliver business targets in the midst of diversity.

Global Trainer Jamey Iris has more than 15 years of experience in training and development both in local and international companies.

- Jamey trained more than 30,000 leaders, brand ambassadors, coaches, trainers, public speakers, and employees from more than 100 nationalities;

- She is the 1st Filipina Learning and Development Manager of Disney Cruise Line;

- Jamey worked for a 5-star Airline Company for 5+ years and in a 5-star Hotel for almost 4 years.

- She is an award-winning public speaker for Toastmaster International;

- GT Jamey Iris is an international Public Speaking Master Trainer, Coach, and Mentor;

- She is a vlogger and also one of the leaders of Vloggers Academy.

Global Trainer Jamey Iris looks forward to help and equip you to be successful in your chosen field of career, job or business.

Jamey Iris Training Channel is open for collaboration and business partnerships. Kindly send me an email message to [email protected]

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