Music Industry Secrets... Spilled with Simon Pursehouse (Sentric)

For this episode I am joined by the wonderful wizard of publishing; Simon Pursehouse (Director of Music Services at Sentric Music).

Sentric is an independent, artist friendly music publishing company who cover the admin side of things, like registering songs correctly so that songwriters get paid. If you're a songwriter, you're going to want to listen to this.

A piece of advice for this one? We talk a lot about PRS, MCPS, PPL, PRO, master rights, publishing rights... if I were you I'd take the time to listen to this with no distractions... and also, grab a notepad! If you're new to songwriting, this episode might feel a little overwhelming, but it's all essential knowledge that songwriters need to be on top of. We also talk about fun stuff like sync and getting your song on TV, film etc. so it's not all admin.

Every time I hear Simon do a talk on publishing, I feel like I learn something new. He is a wonderful, knowledgeable chap and I loved chatting with him for this. Check out Simon's blog, the famous WTF is music publishing and follow him on twitter.

Ironically had some 'sync' issues on the video for this so sorry it's a bit out at times. If you prefer, feel free to listen to the audio only version on streaming platforms.
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