Music Copyright & Revenue Streams: The Four Types of Publishing Income Streams | Tonya Butler 7/25

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In this video series, Berklee Online instructor Tonya Butler provides important insights into the music industry from a legal standpoint, applying US copyright laws. You’ll start this course with the basics, learning exactly what a copyright is and how to obtain one; the different types of copyrights (composition vs. recording); the different types of revenue streams you receive from your copyrights (mechanical royalty, synchronization royalty, public performance royalty, and ancillary royalty). The 25 videos in this series also cover specific cases such as recording and performing covers, making revenue from a printed reproduction of a work (lead sheets, ringtones, toys), making revenue from your work being played in a public space (and what legally determines a place as public), how much to charge in your synchronization fee (music to image), and the importance of signing up to a PRO (Performing Rights Organization). You’ll also learn how royalties work with streaming services, and how a Master Use license may be divided depending on the deal you make with your record label. In addition to all of the important legal information you’ll learn from this series, you’ll also get to see exclusive interviews with industry insiders, including Josh Gruss and Madison Norris of Round Hill Music, Tiara Guy of SoundExchange, David Israelite of the National Music Publishers’ Association, Gina Waters Miller of MNRK Music Group, and Serona Elton of the Mechanical License Collective.

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Professor Tonya Butler, JD, LLM, is chair of the Music Business/Management Department at Berklee College of Music. An accomplished educator, attorney, administrator, and motivational speaker, she spent 14 years as an entertainment attorney, working in-house for record and publishing companies and film studios. Notable clients included Rhino Records, MGM Music, and Global Disc Records. Butler is a longtime music industry advocate, having served on Memphis and Shelby County’s music, film, and television commissions; the Memphis Rock ’n’ Soul Museum Board of Directors; and the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association’s Executive Board. She is a voting member and former two-term Governor of the Memphis Chapter of the Recording Academy and the current Chair of the College Music Society’s Committee on Music Business and Industry Engagement. For Berklee Online, Tonya is also the author of the Music Business Management and Leadership course.

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