Mushroom Cultivation #FAQ 7 # How to control the RH and Carbon Dioxide during mushroom cultivation?

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Agriculture produce is subjected to environment risk, produce may increase or decrease as per atmospheric conditions and/or required environmental condition of the crop. Polymath Agro Solution services is the way of only providing scientific knowledge about the various methods of cultivation of different crops. The environmental conditions are not under the control of Polymath Agro Solution Services. Investor may invest by his/her own will/choice.
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मशरूम स्पॉन की खरीद के लिए संपर्क विवरण वीडियो के अंत में उपलब्ध हैं.

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Consultancy in White Button Mushroom
1. Microbiology of White Button Mushroom Production
2. Microbiology of Compost
3. Microbiology of Spawn Production
4. Raising of pure culture medium
a) Preparation of culture medium
b) Isolation from fruit body
Tissue Culture
Spore Culture
5. Maintenance and conservation of stock cultures
6. Spawn storage and Transport
8. Recent advances in spawn production technology
8. Problem associated with Growing
9. Infection related Problem
10. SOP(Standard Operation Procedure) development
11. HACCP development
12. Various data management related to mushroom plant
13. Conversion of Cold Storage to Mushroom Production Plant
14. Banana Ripening Chamber development
15. AHU designing
16. Protected Cultivation of Vegetables
17. All type of Animal Husbandry development
18. Protected cultivation of all types of Exotic Vegetables
19. Drip irrigation setting.
20. All types of Orchid Development
21. Agro-Tourism Development
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