Multidisciplinary Disability Management Towards Gainful Employment #RTWSOCSO2021

A multidisciplinary Disability Management focuses on providing a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for the injured workers which integrate all multidisciplinary services that include case management, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, medical, clinical and sensory therapy.
Case Managers will facilitate the implementation of the rehabilitation plan according to the current ability and disability of the client and help in achieving their goal in return to work or improve the well-being in Activity of Daily Living (ADL).
In SOCSO Rehabilitation Centre, we provide the best rehabilitation treatments with assistance of our professional case managers and clinical staffs. We provide a comprehensive physical and vocational rehabilitation programme with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to optimize the client's level of recovery.
For clients who will return to work, they will be given real work situations and simulations of work activities that will restore their physical function, behaviour and vocational skills in preparation for returning to work.
Workplace assessment sessions with the employer to identify the client’s job specification and workplace facility are also conducted to ensure the client's smooth transition back to employment.
The designated Disability Management system is provided with one goal in mind; To promote the highest degree of independence, recovery and improving the well-being in order to be place back into the job market.


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