MSBI(SSAS, SSIS & SSRS) Interview Questions & Answers | Microsoft BI Interview Questions

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Question 1: What is ETL Process with example?
Question 2: Difference between control flow and data flow in SSIS?
Question 3: Explain the architecture of SSIS?
Question 4: Explain the types of Perfmon counters for SSIS?
Question 5: Explain the types of Cache Mode in SSIS Lookup component?
Question 6: SSIS Variables vs Parameters?
Question 7: How to Schedule SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Package?
Question 8: How to pass variable as a parameter in Execute SQL Task SSIS?
Questions 9: How to send mails in SSIS?
Questions 10: SSIS Pivot and Unpivot?
Question 11: What is Aggregation in SSAS?
Question 12: What are Partitions in SSAS?
Question 13: Explain Types of SSAS Storage Modes?
Question 14: SSAS Relationships Types?
Question 15: Named calculation vs Named query in SSAS?
Question 16: What are the different data regions in SSRS?
Question 17: How to Create Multi Valued Parameterized Report in SSRS?
Question 18: Explain the different types of reports in SSRS?
Question 19: How to send Automatic Report Delivery in SSRS?
Question 20: Mention some of the open source softwares which are an alternative to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)?

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