Moving from the License Raj to Light Touch Agile Governance by Sanjiv Augustine #AgileIndia 2021

Today, top performing agile teams exist in organizations worldwide. However, in many of these same organizations, those very same teams are hamstrung by legacy bureaucratic management - the remnants of a waterfall 'license raj.'  Issues with delivery across multiple silios, non-value adding process red tape, and antiquated PMOs persist.  So, we continue to struggle with reaping the full benefits of agile methods, and fall short of business agility.

True end-to-end, business agility requires a bimodal approach: continued care and feeding of agile teams done in parallel with a systematic middle-management transformation away from the license raj. The Agile Value Management Office (VMO) is rapidly gaining traction as the preferred way to accomplish this through:
- A team of teams organizational construct and approach for light-touch governance
- Adaptive planning and experimentation with small-batch Minimal Marketable Products (MMPs) for end-to-end flow 
- Up-front and continuous integration of legal, audit and other business-critical functions for true risk management

Join Sanjiv Augustine to explore how these have liberated managers, unshackled agile teams and resulted in positive customer outcomes. Through key case studies, we'll see how these have also ensured critical management, oversight, and governance. 

More details: https://confengine.com/conferences/agile-india-2021/proposal/15907

Conference Link: https://2021.agileindia.org
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