Moore's RPG Template version 2.6 Overview - Unreal Engine

Quick overview video of Moore's RPG Template (MRPGT), v2.6, an Unreal Engine "Complete Project" that has most of the core features that you would need to create a first or third person single player RPG game similar to Skyrim.

Available for purchase at the UE Marketplace :


Follower system (new in this version)
Dialogue system (expanded in this version)
Mount system (including horse, horse equipment and animations)
Combat system (melee, ranged and spell combat types)
UI system
Character status management system (stats, spells effects and enchantments)
Character inventory system with item inspection ability
Spell inventory system with 12 sample spells easily expanded by you
Crafting system (craft weapons, armour, jewelry and potions)
Item enchanting system (enchant weapons, armour and jewelry)
Gamepad control system
Save game and load game system
NPC combat artificial intelligence system (melee, ranged and spell combat types)
NPC trading system
Container storage system
Quest system
Physics manipulation of objects/item pickups
380 starter animations (locomotion, equipping and combat related)
Human male starter skeletal meshes with exposed skin body parts, plate armour body parts and cloth physics cape
92 starter props (static meshes)
Perk System - 24 included perks across 6 skills (4 perks per skill, Swords, Archery, Alchemy, Destruction, Stealth and Shields)
Skill Levelling System (using a sword in combat results in Sword skill increasing etc)
Level Up System (a datatable defines required XP for next level)
Ingredient Harvesting System (static mesh changes when harvested)
NPC have circling, fleeing, retreating abilities
Stealth system
Power attacks
Dodging ability
Transparent background for inventory widget

Available for purchase at the UE Marketplace :
Demo download:


Music: Adventure Beyond and Dragon Quest, both by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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