Monthly Spotlight Revision NABARD Grade A 2023 | Current Affairs for NABARD 2023 | Anuj Jindal

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In the world of competitive exams, staying on top of current affairs isn't just a choice – it's your pathway to success. Revising current affairs for competitive exams is crucial as it ensures candidates stay updated with the latest events and developments, enabling them to answer questions accurately in the exam and demonstrate their awareness of real-world issues, a key requirement for success in today's dynamic job market. In this video, I will take up Spotlight of July 2023 and we will tread together on this journey of recapitulating what you have read, so far

Who am I:

Neha Mam has attained Master’s Degree in English literature. She is the mentor of general awareness. She is keenly interested in knowing about new things and simplifying it for her students. Be it a simple news of a basic appointment or a complex news like frameworks and guidelines, Neha Mam has all the tricks up her sleeves to simplify them for her students.

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