Monster Hunter Rise | Gunlance Builds/Mixed Sets | Fun - Meta - Comfort

5 Powerfull Gunlance Builds/Mixed Sets for You in Monster Hunter Rise! Including Meta, Fun, and extra Comfort focused options. No op Talisman needet!
Get ready for Sunbreak and pick whatever fits your needs with room for customization.
All builds are showcased in the video. Fun gameplay and plenty of strong Endgame Template Options here.

Want to see Builds for other Weapon Types in MH Rise ?

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0:00 Intro
0:11 Important Build Info
0:22 Build 1 - The Boomstick
1:45 Build 2 - Loyal Friend
2:34 Suggested Dango Sets & Bonus DMG
2:46 Build 3 - Infernal Blast
3:53 Bonus Tip
4:13 Build 4 - Wolf Cry
4:32 GL needs a Buff in Sunbreak !
5:20 Build 5 - Pride of Steel
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