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Online Munim provides ERP software for your jewellery business. With the help of this software you can manage stock/inventory with bar-code or RFID tags, send promotional or transactional SMS to your customer's, create customized invoices, track sale, supplier stock and orders, credit or debit notes, other expenses, GST & accounting reports and much more.

What is billing software for a jewellery shop?

Jewellery shop billing software helps in managing and creating invoices for retail customers. It eliminates the requirement of manual effort to type sensitive jewellery information in every bill.

Online Munim allows you to add your business logo, email address, mobile number, payment methods, customised themes, address, name, and any other information related to an order in the invoice. It helps you deliver your brand's message to your customers in the way you want.

Barcode Management
Use the barcode placed on jewellery items and other items in your store using a barcode scanner and Online Munim billing app. It can help you eliminate the task of entering specific item details while creating an invoice for your customer. Just scan the barcode to add products to the bill.

Multiple Store Management
The app can help you track the inventory available in every store and schedule the next purchase as per your requirements. You can easily manage all the stores you own together from anywhere using the Online Munim management app.

Jewellery Catalogue

Search jewellery stock with images or by price range like e-commerce portals and also check the product information & price quote.

Supplier and Karigar
Send purchase orders, add invoices, assign orders to karigar, issue metal or receive jewellery from karigar, all you can do from supplier panel.

Retail & Wholesale
Online Munim designed for both retail & whole-sale business. In whole-sale stock purchase or sell in bulk quantity, in retail stock manage by tags.

GST-R1,R2,R3 Reports
In Online Munim jewellery software, while you do your purchase, sell or business transactions, it automatically generate the GST-R1, R2, R3 reports.

Online Munim is also renowned for the “Best Money Lending Software” across the globe. Money Lending Software has attractive layout and features like loan management with simple or compound options, full month or half month interest option, cash flow, loss loans report, loan forms like form 8 or form 7 and maintaining the several accounts make it easy and better to understand.

Gold loans, personal loans, unsecured loans, monthly EMI loans or daily collection finance loans, Online Munim manage all types of loans with different ready to use options.

Customer Management
Customer records with multiple photos, complete KYC with finger prints, digital signature, references and show all active transactions at customer info-graphic home page.

Money Deposit Options
Money deposit in principle amount, interest payment, new loan date change, partial principle payment, simple money deposit and deposit with interest left, software has different deposit options.

Third Party Loan's
Third party or money lender loan transfer can be handled easily by Online Munim. You can check all the active or released loan transactions of money lender on single click.

SMS Notification's
You can send promotional and transactional SMS messages to your customers. On one click you can send SMS to your all customer's and also check the SMS log report.

Multi Firm Management
In Multi-firm option you can create more than one firms for your business transactions. Also you can manage multiple branches from administrator panel and check all transactions.

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