Module 2 Video 1 Strengthening Health Systems through Community Engagement Introducing Health System

Module 2 - Strengthening Health Systems through Community Engagement establishes the relationship between communities and community engagement to health systems. It aims to equip participants to apply systems thinking in addressing health problems through community engagement. It also presents the role of communities in health system strengthening and Primary Health Care for progress towards Universal Health Coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Health Systems and Systems Thinking for the Health of Communities
In this video lecture, Dr. Saqif Mustafa of the Health Service Resilience, Integrated Health Services Department at the WHO Headquarters introduces the concepts of health systems and health systems strengthening, and describes the importance of systems thinking for improving the health of communities.

0:00-0:57 – Introduction
0:58-1:25 – Objectives
1:26-3:07 – The Health System – Definition
3:08-3:34 – The Health System – Building Blocks
3:35-7:26 – Health System Resilience
7:27-11:35 – Systems Thinking
11:36-12:32 – Stakeholders in Building Health Systems Resilience
12:33-12:50 – Community Health Resilience
12:51-15:47 – Role of Communities in Health Systems
15:48-17:56 – Examples of Community Engagement
17:57-19:04 – Recap

Main Reference:
Don, D.S., and Taghreed, A. (2009). Systems thinking for health systems strengthening. Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, WHO. https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/44204/9789241563895_eng.pdf?sequence=1
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