Modi is Reckless and Impetuous & Unconcerned About Consequences—Aakar Patel

One of India’s most highly regarded columnists and a former Executive Director of Amnesty International India, has said Narendra Modi is impetuous and reckless and often unconcerned about the consequences of the decisions he takes. In an interview to discuss his recent book ‘Price of the Modi Years’, Aakar Patel cited the background details behind the decision to demonetize in 2016 and to declare a nationwide lockdown at four hour’s notice in 2020 to substantiate his point. In both cases, he argued, the decisions had been taken without consulting his Cabinet colleagues, without seeking advice and without attempting to find out what would be the consequences for the hundreds of millions affected. In the case of the lockdown, Aakar Patel referred to over 200 RTI applications filed by the BBC which substantiate the point he made about the lockdown.
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