Modern Cybercrime Resilience

Achieve ZTNA with Identity Access Management

Organizations can no longer trust users, devices and transactions without a high-intensity identity check, leading companies are adopting Zero Trust Security Model with a strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies.
Zero Trust Security can be achieved through Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) or software-defined perimeter (SDP), which creates an identity- and context-based logical-access boundary around an application or set of applications.
In this 60-minutes exclusive webinar, experts have shared their views on how ZTNA creates a balance between enhanced security assurance, end-user productivity, and usability. Besides that, the Panelists have also discussed on how to establish a ZTNA model built on IAM solutions by balancing security with frictionless user experience.

What to expect from this recorded webinar?
• Locking internal sources and preventing data breaches with ZTNA models
• Protecting cloud-based platforms, infrastructure from cyber crimes
• Bringing the power of ZTNA with IAM solutions powered by CyberArk
• Building resilience with enhanced security within the Multi-Cloud world

Panel Experts:
Susmita Sankaran - Assoc. Director, Head of IDAM, Happiest Minds Technologies
Uriel Abravanel - Senior Engineer, CyberArk
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