Modern Android Engineering and Google Interview Process

This MIU Technical Talk has been given by Maharishi International University Computer Science graduate Farruh Habibullaev, Software Engineer at Google. He speaks about the importance of Android, Modern Android engineering architectures pattern, best practices, tools, libraries, helpful learning resources, and frameworks. Farruh is sharing his Interview and work experience with the startup company, Zume, and to larger companies Amazon and Google. He covers Q&A sessions about Android Technologies and guidelines to prepare potential employees for interviews for the huge demands for Android developers.

Topic: Modern Android Engineering and Google Interview
Resource Person: Farruh Habibullaev [Compro Alumnus], Software Engineer at Google in Mountain View, California, USA

MIU Professor Renuka Mohanaj moderating. Learn more about her at https://www.miu.edu/computer-science/faculty-profiles/renuka-mohanraj .

Time 1:15:13
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