Modern Agile Management: Continuous Innovation & Value Delivery

EAC brings you an insightful topic 'Modern Agile Management: Continuous Innovation & Value Delivery' that will be presented by Johanna Rothman.

As managers ask for certainty, do your teams feel pulled in several directions?

Teams want to innovate and deliver value to the customers. However, too often, the teams feel pulled in several directions. Or, the managers want certainty instead of seeing experimental results. These results often occur because the managers do not have an overarching goal.

Instead of an individual-focused view of work, managers can create an overarching goal to build teamwork at all levels.
Those overarching goals can help teams create short experiments that lead to shorter feedback loops. And when we harness our networks, we
can create serendipity to innovate. All teams can deliver value with less interference.
Learn how to change management actions to change the culture and free the teams to innovate and deliver.
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