$MMAT Stock: Earnings, Preferred Shares & Dividend ($MMTLP), Management Update

Meta Materials $MMAT stock announced Q4 earnings and management updates. In today’s video, I break down the high-level financial results, as well as updates on the $MMTLP preferred dividend. First, we will run through the top-level financial highlights for MMAT, then we will talk about some highlights from the company’s 10-k, and lastly, we will break down the management discussions of their earnings call. The company announced it must abide by several legal and regulatory hurdles, so they are unable to provide a full update regarding the dividend and spin-off of OilCo. The company however did announce they expect to have an update later in March.

10k: https://bit.ly/35N2hKoEarnings Call Transcript: https://bit.ly/3tvmNr8
Q4 Announcement: https://bit.ly/3MpR2su ; https://bit.ly/3sOKprX
Investor Relations: https://bit.ly/3tpZ8s9
OilCo January Update: https://bit.ly/3MxJX9l
MMAT Investor presentation: https://bit.ly/3Ca5O1I
Goodwill Explanation: https://bit.ly/36Qhefi
Birdlady video: https://youtu.be/lDoLA2aGGN8

0:00 Intro
0:50 Q4 Earnings Highlights
3:24 10-K Highlights
8:55 Earnings Call Management Update
12:06 Outro

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