MKT-4113-501 Final Project

Name: Erin Jenkins
Net ID: Ej475

I chose the Amiable. Amiable personality types feel that having close relationships are very important. They believe in group effort and would rather work in groups compared to working solo. They believe that being genuine and sincere are crucial aspects of group members. Amiable personalities do not like to use authority or force as a way to lead or gain respect. They rather view respect as a two way street, you gain respect by giving respect. Once you have pitched to an amiable, give them time to process and think over what has been pitched. They generally like to take their time with decision to ensure they are making the right one.

I felt the best way to reach an amiable is by using a complimentary opening. When giving a complimentary opening, it is keen that it is sincere. Because amiable find that being genuine is key to gain a relationship, it is important to start open with what you truly do like about their business.

In my pitch, I felt that by me opening with a sincere compliment instantly peaked interest. I discussed all of the research I had complied and what I truly did enjoy about Tougaloo college. I next went on to what I felt the college and I had in common so that they could get a feel of a great match between the two. I also went over my background with financial aid and what systems I used and regulations I am familiar with to show that I do have much knowledge on each of the topics. Then I was able to discuss my passion of financial aid and what I feel financial aid does for the students. This also shows that I will take any measure to ensure all student can excel.

How will I contribute:

Processing student loans
Processing institutional scholarships
Processing Federal/Institutional work-study
Adjusting awards
Creating/updating student loans
Maintaining awards
Load student loan originations into system

Department of Education systems
Send/receive originations for student loans through EdConnect
Navigate through NSLDS database
Process Corrections through COD

Skills and Experience
Six years of Financial aid experience.
Excellent at time management
Analytical/critical thinker
Strong interpersonal skills
Excellent with Microsoft softwares
Goal driven
Great communication skills
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