Mix realities with Arkio on Meta Quest Pro

Join us for a special live event as we celebrate Arkio being an official launch app on the new Meta Quest Pro and demonstrate some amazing new mixed reality use cases!

Passthrough on Meta Quest and Quest Pro enables new mixed reality workflows in architecture design and with Arkio version 1.3 we’re taking this experience to a whole new level. Design interiors by changing reality around you, model buildings on-site in the physical world, create windows through real walls or add a new sofa to your living room - anything is possible!

During the session, Hilmar Gunnarsson, Arkio’s CEO, and Johan Hanegraaf, Arkio’s Head of Product, will demonstrate live how to mix realities in Arkio and use the new cloud transfer workflows on Meta Quest and Quest Pro. They’ll also share insights into some of the unique challenges and UX solutions implemented to make mixed reality design as intuitive and powerful as possible.


- Lean how we’ve implemented mixed reality design using the Meta Presence Platform
- See a live demo where we mix realities and design on top of the real world
- Hear about new use cases enabled by passthrough on Quest and Quest Pro
- Learn how we’ve solved the challenge of aligning realities in mixed reality
- Experience the new cloud transfer workflow across different devices
- Q&A about Arkio and the new Meta Quest Pro
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